Mnet Apologizes After Produce X101's Staff Arrested by Police
Mnet conveyed their apologies after police arrested 'Produce X101's staff. This apology was conveyed by Mnet through an official statement issued on Tuesday (05/11).

Mnet apologized for the controversy over voting manipulation and revealed that the police had requested an arrest warrant for several staff members of 'Produce X101'.

As they wrote, "We would like to express our deepest apologies for causing controversy through the 'Produce X101' program."

"At the end of July, we decided that our own investigation was limited, so we asked for a police investigation. We have confirmed that the police have requested arrest warrants for several people involved in the production of 'Produce X101'. "

"Mnet will continue to actively cooperate in the investigation, and if Mnet needs to take responsibility after the investigation is complete, we will definitely do it."

"Once again, we sincerely want to apologize to all fans and viewers who support 'Produce X101' and the contestants and the agencies and everyone involved."

"However, we would like to request that everyone not spread speculative rumors towards artists who can be affected because of this problem."

Previously the police had investigated the entire program 'Produce 101' and 'Idol School' on charges of voting manipulation. (
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