Jung Da Eun Admits Himself Better Than Ex-MONSTA X Wonho
Jung Da Eun recently argued with MONSTA X fans while holding a live broadcast on Instagram. It started when Han Seo Hee was broadcasting live on Instagram with her girlfriend.

When reading the fans' comments that referred to both of them as attention-seekers, Han Seo Hee replied, "If I were a attention seeker, I would have debuted as a singer, like Wonho. But I didn't do it, because I committed many criminal acts in the past."

Jung Da Eun then added, "You hate me right? But actually me and Wonho have the same personality. He and I are on the same level. But actually I'm better than Wonho."

Jung Da Eun also said Wonho had no talent, "Talent? What talent does he have? Dance? You say it's dancing? Woo! You say it's singing? No!" She told MONSTA X fans. (www.onkpop.com)

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