Nam Tae Hyun's Agency Disbanded, South Club Band Joins New Agency
Nam Tae Hyun's agency has officially dissolved. The news was announced directly by Nam Tae Hyun through the latest posts on his Instagram account.

The South Club vocalist stated, "First, I want to apologize for the late release of our latest mini album."

"Our band (with the same members) has found a new agency, and my agency The South has been officially disbanded. Although three years is a short time, I learned a lot while running my own company, and that was also difficult and extraordinary because some systems were so weak." 

"However, we have found a more established system and support through a new family, and I'm happy because now we can focus more on music."

"After having a long discussion with our agency, we decided to postpone the scheduled release of the five songs we had planned."
"We will release a single album first, with a more cheerful and more popular song genre. After a few improvements, we will come back soon with good music. "

"I want you to know this news first, before the press release comes out. Thank you for always trusting me and waiting for me even though I have many shortcomings, and for giving me so much love,"
he wrote. (
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