Hyeri Opens Up About Her Love Relationship, Reveal Ryu Jun Yeol's Character During Dating
Girl's Day Hyeri recently conducted an interview discussing her career and personal life. The idol, who is now actively involved in acting, is open about her romantic relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

"Even though we're busy, we're dating happily," Hyeri said when asked about Ryu Jun Yeol. "I think I see him as often as I meet other Girl's Day members," she continued laughing.

"To be honest, it's not that I didn't expect to be asked about this during the interview, but I feel a little hurt when the focus shifts towards that topic while I talk. I thought, 'I've been talking for an hour but the title (news article) can just change", said Hyeri.

"I lived as Sun Shim (the character she played) for eight months and came here feeling very excited as soon as (the drama) ended!" she added.

"I debuted for the first time in the entertainment industry, and I think he Ryu Jun Yeol enjoyed Sun Shin and drama 'Miss Lee'. Whatever he said, I tend to remember it," Hyeri commented.

Hyeri expressed her affection for Ryu Jun Yeol by saying, "It depends, but sometimes he is cold and sometimes he is warm."

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri began to publicize their relationship in August 2017. They became close after playing in the same drama title, "Reply 1988".

This couple is classified as calm and not unusual indulgence in intimacy. Because there is rarely news, there are many netizens who think that they have broken up. But some time ago, this actor said that his relationship with Hyeri was fine.

Meanwhile, Hyeri recently starred in the tvN drama "Miss Lee", an office comedy about employees of a small electronics company who are struggling to keep their company operational. She plays the character of Lee Sun Shim, the bookkeeper who was suddenly promoted to become the company's CEO after a series of incidents. (www.onkpop.com)
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