CIX Comeback First Time with High Quality MV ‘Numb’
CIX have made their first comeback in 2019. The music video titled 'Numb' and the second mini album 'HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place' was released by CIX on Tuesday (11/19) at 18:00 KST.

'Numb' is the first comeback music video released by CIX since their debut with 'Movie Star' last July. In this comeback CIX again presents high quality music video.

Through this music video fans will be spoiled with visuals, choreography, vocals, rap, to high-quality music which is certainly the result  of CIX and producer's hard work.

With energetic choreography and R&B and EDM trap music, making this 'Numb' music video is a must for K-Pop fans to watch! (

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