Watch the Excitement of Brown Eyed Girls in the Next Episode of Knowing Brother
On Saturday (19/10) 'Knowing Brother' has uploaded of upcoming episodes that will be starring by Brown Eyed Girls. The clip begins with Lee Soo Geun asking Brown Eyed Girls why they decided to reunite for their first comeback in four years.

When Miryo asks the other members, "So why did our comeback get pushed back?" then JeA  responded, "See, what I think is⁠" but she is interrupted by Kim Heechul, who comments, "You two are the ones who take everything!"

Brown Eyed Girls' friendship can also be seen when Narsha remarks, "We've been together for 14 years but our teamwork is still trash," which makes everyone burst out in laughter.

Ga In later talks about the sexy concepts, "Our criteria for sexy is different too! For example, there's a sneaky type of sexy, and then there's unni who is wow." 

When she makes a gesture towards her upper half, the 'Knowing Brother' members begin to crack up. Miryo adds, "For me, I cover the places that need to be covered, and if I want to show it off, I really do." Narsha frowns as she shouts, "Hey, I cover the places that need to be covered too."

Brown Eyed Girls members then show off their famous "Abracadabra" dance and laugh so hard when Lee Soo Geun attempts to join in.

You can check out the preview below! (
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