B.A.P's Zelo Shows Cool Rap in His New Solo MV 'Drunken Master'
B.A.P's Zelo released his latest solo music video, entitled 'Drunken Master'. This solo music video was released by Zelo through his Youtube channel on Saturday (10/19) at 18:00 South Korean time.

'Drunken Master' is a song written and produced directly by Zelo with producer 2Jay.

Not only producing his own songs, Zelo also became a director and producer for this 'Drunken Master' music video.

This is Zelo's first solo music video that he released since leaving A Entertainment, an agency that has been sheltering him for several months.

On October 3, Zelo invited song producers who wanted to collaborate with him. You can check out the music video below! (www.onkpop.com)

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