Netizens Who Spread Rumors of Lee Seo Jin and SNSD Sunny Dating Has Arrested
Some time ago had circulating unpleasant rumors about actors Lee Seo Jin and SNSD's Sunny. The actor and singer whose age is 18 years different is rumored dating.

Netizens (which called "A") who spread the gossip were arrested. Friday (18/10), Daejeon District Court sentenced him to a six-month prison with two-year probation.

Thus, "A" must undergo two-year trial period and if it violates the provisions during the probation period, he will be sentenced to prison for 6 months. The court also added a public service sentence of 80 hours for him after he was found guilty.

"'A' spreads false information about the personal lives of celebrities on the site with users of more than one million people. Given the amount of losses incurred, we consider severe penalties to be given," the court said.

"'A' has acknowledged the crime he committed and is contemplating his actions. We decided the sentence on the basis that 'A' has never committed a crime before," they continued.

In October 2018, posting on one of the online community sites. He wrote, "Lee Seo Jin and Sunny were involved in a special relationship while shooting variety shows. All the staff also knew."

At that time, Lee Seo Jin's party immediately gave a statement that the gossip was not true. "That's nonsense that isn't even worth talking about," said the actor. (
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