Jeon Somi And Her Father Will Be A Guest In 'Laws of the Jungle'
Jeon Somi and her father, Matthew Douma have been confirmed to starring 'Laws of the Jungle'. This news was announced directly by SBS on Monday (10/21), which stated that both of them would star in the program "Laws of the Jungle" special episode of Micronesia.

As stated by program representatives, "Jeon Somi and her father Matthew Douma will star in 'Laws of the Jungle'. The two will depart on October 22 with model Han Hyu Min, actor Lee Jung Hyun, and producer Yoo Jae Hwan as the member line-up in the first part."

As for the line up in the second part of the Micronesian episode, SBS stated, "The second line up for this season has not yet been established."

This is the first time for Jeon Somi and Matthew Douma to star in the 'Laws of the Jungle' program together. (
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