Big Hit Entertainment Respond to The News That BTS Members Enter the Mandatory Military This Year
Big Hit Entertainment responded to the news which said BTS members were drafted into the military in 2019. These rumors began to circulate after Ahn Min Suk as chairman of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee made a statement during an inspection carried out by the government.

He said, "It looks like one of BTS members will enter military service this year. And as expected, there will be no exemption from military service for pop culture artists."

When questioned about the statement, Big Hit Entertainment as BTS agency immediately denied, "We do not know how news like this could have arisen, but reports on the implementation of mandatory military service this year are completely untrue."

Lately, the exclusion of BTS members from compulsory military service is indeed being widely discussed among South Korean people, especially after Minister Noh Hyeong Ouk voiced his opinion on October 18. (
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