The Most Popular K-Pop Girl Group Members in October 2019
The Korean Business Research Institute back with the results of their most recent research in October 2019. After yesterday releasing brand reputation data for boy group members, we now get data for girl group members.

The results of this research are determined based on data collected from 455 girl group members, from September 18 to October 19.

SNSD's Taeyeon managed to rank first this month, after obtaining a data sheet reaching 3,709,310 points, an increase of 70.31% from the previous month.

While MAMAMOO's Hwasa came in second with 3,243,689 points and Girls Day Hyeri rocketed to third with an increase of 656.83% from the previous month, with a total of 3,235,719 points.

See the list of the top 30 popular girl group members in October 2019 below:

1. SNSD Taeyeon
2. MAMAMOO Hwasa
3. Girls Day Hyeri 
4. IZ*ONE Jang Won Young
5. TWICE Nayeon
6. AOA Seolhyun
8. Red Velvet Irene 
10. GFRIEND Sowon
12. TWICE Dahyun
13. TWICE Momo
14. TWICE Jihyo
15. TWICE Sana 
16. SNSD YoonA
17. AOA Jimin
18. TWICE Tzuyu
19. TWICE Jeongyeon
20. APINK Son Naeun
21. Red Velvet Seulgi 
22. F(x) Krystal
23. F(x) Luna
24. Oh My Girl Hyojung 
25. Oh My Girl YooA 
26. Red Velvet Joy 
27. TWICE Chaeyoung
28. TWICE Mina
29. F(x) Victoria

Are your favorite girl group members ranked above? (
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