Brand New Music Warn Produce X101 Trainees' Sesaeng Fans
Brand New Music gave their warning to "Produce X101" trainee fans. Previously, Brand New Music had sent four trainees, Kim Si Hun, Yun Jung Hwan, Lee Eun Sang, and Hong Seong Jun, to become contestants for 'Produce X101'.

However, due to the increasing popularity of the trainees, there are many fans appear. Brand New Music then warned the fans by writing,

"Recently, trainees feel uncomfortable because there are people who follow them in various places such as the Brand New Music building and dormitories, outside of their official schedules. For the safety and privacy of trainees, please do not do things like that."

"We also respectfully reject letters or gifts sent to trainees and will send the gifts back to you by post. We ask for your understanding and cooperation,"
concluded the agency.

Hopefully with this warning there will be no more fans who violate the privacy of the Produce X101 trainees. (
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