Samuel Kim Reveal the Reasons He Terminate The Contracts with Brave Entertainment
Samuel Kim's side finally explained why they wanted to end their contract with Brave Entertainment agency. Previously Samuel Kim had announced that from now on he would do a promotion without an agency.

But after finding the news, Brave Entertainment stated that their contract was still valid and planned to sue Samuel Kim for the breach of the contract he had committed. Now the representative from Samuel Kim explains why he is trying to end the contract with the agency.

They explained that the termination of the contract was carried out because of the lack of transparency and communication from the agency. One of the problems was the involvement of Samuel Kim in the promotion of the blockchain company owned by the agency's CEO, without the consent of his family.

According to the lawyer, Samuel had also been manipulated to follow activities that were not permitted by his parents and did not know that these activities were carried out by different companies.

Samuel also underwent various activities, without getting clear information about the payment. Samuel's mother had previously submitted a request to resolve the problem, but because it had not finished, they finally broke the contract with the agency unilaterally. (
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