Wanna One Yoon Ji Sung's fans get criticized after being rude to LOONA members
A fan of Wanna One received criticism from netizens after taking inappropriate actions to LOONA members. The controversy began when Wanna One and LOONA both attended the 'MAMA 2018' award ceremony in South Korea on Monday (10/12).

At that time, Hyunjin LOONA appeared to be picking up flowers thrown by fans on the stage. She thought the flower was addressed to her, but she was immediately shocked when there were fans who shouted that the flower belonged to Yoon Ji Sung.

Hyunjin then tried to return the flower to the floor, but the fan again shouted at her and asked her to give the flower to Yoon Ji Sung. Hyunjin finally gave the flower to JinSoul, and after hearing fans' shouts, JinSoul gave the flower to Yoon Ji Sung.

Seeing this incident, there were many netizens who criticized the fans of Wanna One who were considered to be too rude towards LOONA members. LOONA fans then demanded an apology from Yoon Ji Sung fans and Wanna One by making a hashtag on Twitter.

After reaping a lot of criticism, the fans finally uploaded a letter on social media, which apologized to LOONA members and their fans. (www.onkpop.com)
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