Ask About BTS When MONSTA X Interview, this American Media Reap Criticism
A media from United States, Access reaps criticism from K-Pop fans. The criticism was filed because Access was considered to have behaved disrespectfully to members of the boy group MONSTA X.

When the interview took place, members of MONSTA X said, "We made history". But reporters instead asked back to them, "How can you make history?"

Not only that, this reporter also discussed many things about Bangtan Boys when interviewing MONSTA X. He asked what the opinion of MONSTA X members about the Grammy Awards nominations obtained by Bangtan Boys.

The fans were increasingly furious, because the video of the interview uploaded on Access Youtube channel was given the title, "MONSTA X Very Happy When Knowing the Grammy Awards Nominated BTS."

Many fans are angry because Access is more focused on Bangtan Boys, rather than discussing the achievements of MONSTA X. As MONSTA X is the first Korean artist to be able to perform at the 'Jingle Ball' concert. (
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