This Hip Hop Musician Will Perform in MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong
Various hip hop musicians have been confirmed to be presenting their performances on the '2018 MAMA' stage. Senior Tiger rapper JK has been invited as a special host at the 'MAMA 2018' award ceremony to be held in Hong Kong on December 14th.

His wife, Yoon Mi Rae who is also a rapper will also be performing with Tiger JK on the stage. In addition to this rapper couple, various rappers from 'Show Me The Money 777' such as PALOALTO, The Quiett, Swings, Changmo and Nafla will also be performing.

Not to forget, the winner of 'Show Me The Money' which has now set up its own label, BewhY is also certain to participate in enlivening the 'MAMA 2018' in Hong Kong.

Before being held in Hong Kong, the plan for the 'MAMA 2018' will be held first in South Korea and Japan on December 10 and 12. (
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