Number Viewers MV 'Fake Love' BTS Reduced Up To 7 Million, Why?
Bangtan Boys fans were so shocked after learning the number of music videos 'Fake Love' was reduced dramatically. A few hours ago the music video 'Fake Love' had touched the figure of 60 million views on Youtube official channel BigHit Entertainment.

But on Sunday afternoon (20/05), the fans realized that the number of views of the music video 'Fake Love' was reduced to 7.3 million.

From the original already above 60 million views, now in the range of 50 million views. Until he wrote this article, the music video 'Fake Love' back at 56 million views.

Although it is not known the exact reason as there is no official statement from Youtube or Bangtan Boys agency, it seems that the reduction of views is due to Youtube detecting views made using bots (computer programs running automatically) and not views from humans. (

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