Because this BTS 'Fake Love' song get censored on American Radio
Bangtan Boys Fake Love Song is reportedly censored by some radio in America for a reason. After being released on May 18th, Bangtan Boys' 'Fake Love' song started playing on various radio in the United States.

But when he heard the song 'Fake Love' played on American radio, the fans realized there was a stanza of the lyrics on the song that had been censored.

According to fans the word 'naega' contained in the song 'Fake Love' has been fully censored in the United States. A word that in Korean means 'me' or 'I' it sounds similar to the word 'nigga', which is a term for blacks.

This word is considered racist when spoken by a person other than black, so some of the radio censors the word to avoid controversy.

You can listen to the song 'Fake Love' that has been censored through the following video. (
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