The reason 'Time for the Moon Night' Can Be Popular According to GFRIEND Members
GFRIEND members reveal the reason why the song 'Time for the Moon Night' can be a success in the South Korean music industry. For two consecutive weeks, the song 'Time for the Moon Night' wiped out the trophy in the music program to deliver them to the 10th victory trophy.

Not only in the music program, the song 'Time for the Moon Night' also ranks high on the South Korean music charts, an achievement that is so great.

When asked why their new song could be popular, GFRIEND members said, "'Time for the Moon Night' seems to be a song that can touch our hearts when listening to it. Everyone must feel different emotions, but we think people who like the song 'Time for the Moon Night' must feel something when listening to it. "

"If there are people who do not feel anything when they hear it, we hope you listen to it more than once," the member joked.

GFRIEND then gave their gratitude, "We certainly feel very grateful for the love that has been given for the song 'Time for the Moon Night', but we are also grateful for the great attention given to our performances."

"More than anything, we are proud because many people look forward to what will be presented by GFRIEND in the future," said a member of GFRIEND. (

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