Yang Hyun Suk Celebrates BLACKPINK's Debut Anniversarry at 'BLACKPINK TV'
What has been eagerly awaited by fans, BLACKPINK finally have their own reality show program. On Saturday (04/11) YG Entertainment released the first teaser for the reality show 'BLACKPINK TV'.

In this teaser, the four members of BLACKPINK remind Yang Hyun Suk promised them a reality show program, vacation to Hawaii and new furniture at dorm. 

They ask for summer vacations, pocket money and credit cards. The four members of BLACKPINK  were then struck by Yang Hyun Suk's appearance, who brought them a birthday cake complete with a number 1 candle, the age of BLACKPINK who has stepped on 1 year since debut.

During the discussion, Yang Hyun Suk claimed to making a reality show 'BLACKPINK TV', and BLACKPINK members will move to the 'princess home'. He also promised them a vacation trip to Hawaii. (www.onkpop.com)

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