Korean Netizens Reveal The Difference Between SM Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment
What's the difference that stands out from the giant K-Pop agency SM Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment? Through the Pann website, Korean netizens expressed evidence of the difference that the agency that houses EXO and Bangtan Boys has.

According to the post, BigHit Entertainment always promote their artist well in social media. Even recently BigHit Entertainment made a post for fans to vote on Bangtan Boys in 'MAMA 2017'.

At the same time, SM Entertainment posted a photo of their Halloween party this year. The agency is also promoting their latest product, a slime that is currently popular in Korea.

Seeing the differences between the two agencies, various netizens commented,

"For those who do not know what BigHit is doing, they just do it on Twitter. They have often made a tweet like that since Bangtan Boys is still a rookie, "

"Seriously, what's the meaning of slime?"

"SM fans must be very frustrated, hahaha,"

"It's really embarrassing even I do not want to talk about it. I am very jealous of BigHit. SM's official account really irritates me. What's the meaning of this slime post? "

"SM is just a big idiot. They do not even know how to protect their own artists and remain silent when subjected to unfair treatment. They are really frustrating, " commented the netizen madly.

Do you agree with the netizen comments above? (www.onkpop.com)

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