United States' Rapper Make BTS Fans Angry With Her Sexual Tweets About BTS Jungkook
A female rapper from the United States reaped a lot of criticism from Bangtan Boys fans. The reason this rapper tweet on Twitter whose contents are about her desire to have sex with one member Bangtan Boys, Jungkook.

She said, "Jungkook fans are angry because I said I wanted to have sex with Jungkook, I said what I wanted to say and I meant it."

Then, She replied to a fan's enthusiasm, "You're angry because I want to have sex? If he claims to want to have sex with me, I also have to be angry, I'll just put his p*nis in my mouth."

She said, "I said I wanted to have sex with Jungkook, and I mean it, now I'm just waiting for the number," writes the rapper.

Lastly she gave satire to the ARMY, "Jungkook's fanbase gathered in my Instagram account and told me to kill myself, make an obscene comment, really a disgusting fanbase."

How about responses about rapper cuitan from the United States this? (www.onkpop.com)

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