Often Break the Record and Have a Great Popularity, Netizen Consider BTS As Legend Idol ?
Bangtan Boys's record and popularity is in the spotlight among many people. Bangtan Boys lately got a lot of achievements, thanks to their 'Love Yourself: Her' mini album and their new music video entitled 'DNA'.

Through the Korean netizens Pann forum then discusses the popularity of this boy group. As written by a user in a post titled "Is not Bangtan Boys Can Be Called Legend?"

In the post he writes, "I'm not comparing them with a particular group or saying that they've gone beyond or better than other idols. I just want to say is not the Bangtan Boys class is great? "

"You know Billboard charts and stuff like that right? They got in and became the only K-Pop artist on the chart. I am also very surprised with the number of views they get, how can their MV get 10 million views in a short time. They are the second idol to shock me after TWICE. "

Responding to the paper, other netizens commented,

"I'm a fan of Wanna One, but I agree that Bangtan Boys can already be called a legend. They have lots of records, and they are the only Korean idols who get the highest ranking on the international charts and the number of MV views they also make shock, "

"They will continue to be a legend,"

"I think this achievement is getting more amazing because they get a lot of blasphemies. Even for the silly thing, hahaha "

"Bangtan Boys is a legend, even if many people do not agree it is a fact,"

"Lately this song 'Fire' they are often played on a variety show," said netizen.

Do you think Bangtan Boys is worth mentioning as a legend? (www.onkpop.com)

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