TWICE Accused of copying the Black Pink Choreography in 'One More Time' Song
Girl group TWICE accused of plagiarizing Black Pink's choreography in their latest song 'One More Time'. 'One More Time' is their first Japanese single scheduled to be released on October 18th. But before the official release, on October 6 yesterday the fans were able to watch the music video.

But some netizens then pointed out that the choreography on the song 'One More Time' looks similar to Black Pink's song choreography entitled 'As If It's Your Last'.

Even a Twitter user uploaded a comparing video of some choreographic pieces of the song 'One More Time', with the choreography of the girl group's YG Entertainment song.

Do you think the 'One More Time' choreography of TWICE is similar to Black Pink's' As If It's Your Last? You can score yourself by watching the comparison video below. (
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