Fans Protest YMC Staff Suspected to Cooperate With Sasaeng Wanna One
Wanna One fans staged a protest against YMC Entertainment's agency. Recently the owner of a suspected fanite sasaeng claimed to be getting information about Wanna One directly from YMC Entertainment staff. 

It was known after he uploaded his conversation with a person he called the agency staff who oversaw the boy group Wanna One. Responding to this is certainly a lot of angry fans and protest action on Twitter by making a trending topic.

YMC Entertainment then responded to the controversy by saying, 
"We want to discuss the controversy that is currently being discussed in social media and forums. Not just screenshots of conversations that have nothing to do with our agency staff, but also no official Wanna One staff that has such a name in the screenshot. We want everyone to know that our staff has never been in touch with Wanna One fans. "
The agency also affirmed that they would take decisive action for any fan who provides blasphemous comments to the agency staff, who have the same name as the screenshot.

Finally they say, 
"We have taken firm action on sasaeng fans and anyone who can not maintain good fandom manners. We will continue to do our best to protect our artists in the future. "
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