Confessing Himself Beautiful, Netizen calls Sunhwa very embarrassing
Sunhwa gets a lot of netizen criticism after calling herself pretty. The statement was made by former members of this SECRET when he starred in the program 'Knowing Brother' special episode of Chuseok.

Beginning when she asked the members of 'Knowing Brother', 'What are the words I believe when I was in school?' After many misconceptions, Sunhwa finally said that she used to believe in the statement that someone can turn beautiful if you keep looking at the mirror .

"Everything can turn out to be good if you're sensitive to yourself and consider yourself beautiful. I'm not satisfied with my appearance, but I think I'm okay. Today, beauty standards are so high. But I feel if I'm beautiful as it is, "said this former idol.

When asked to sequence the beauty of female guests in the 'Knowing Brother' episode, Sunhwa ranked Park Mi Sun at number one, while Lee Tae Im and Hong Jin Young are second. He admitted deliberately did not include himself into the rankings.

Got the statement, many Korean netizens are not happy. As seen in the comments on Nate's website,

"Please have a little embarrassment, hahaha,"

"You should say, 'Thank you, sir, plastic surgeon,'"

"And she said it from his own mouth,"

"It's always someone who has a mediocre face who claims that they are beautiful, hahaha,"

"He's pretty pretty anyway, for a beauty cosmetic product," sarcastically netizens. (

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