Luhan Reported Dating, Korean Netizens Respond Sinically
Netizens Korea gave their cynical response to the dating news of one of EXO's former personnel, Luhan.As previously reported, Luhan has just announced that she is dating actress Guan XiaoTong.

The announcement was published by Luhan through Weibo's social media account. Which is then reciprocated by the actress with emoticons of the heart, confirm that the statement is true.

The two popular stars are currently known to be filming for the latest Chinese drama 'Sweet Combat'.

Responding to dating news from former SM Entertainment idol, Korean netizens instead gave cynical comments. As seen on the Naver website,

"Please do not write an article about him using the name EXO,"

"He is no longer in EXO, so stop using the EXO name,"

"Who cares,"

"Former ex? He is just an ordinary man who has ever vacationed on the EXO planet. So stop using the EXO name. Nobody cares about him anymore, "

"So what?" And more cynical comments from Korean netizens. (

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