IVE Takes Home The 10th Trophy on 'Music Core', Congratulations!
IVE takes home the next trophy with their debut song 'ELEVEN'. This time the trophy got by IVE in the latest episode of Music Core on Saturday (01/22). 

In today's episode, 'ELEVEN' by IVE successfully got the 1st position with 6600 point. IVE managed to outperform Kim Min Seok which in the second position with 5266 point for the song 'Drunken Confenssion', and aespa in the third position with 5221 point for the song 'Dreams Come True'.

This is the 10th winning trohpy that IVE's achieve with the song 'ELEVEN' and the 10th trophy that has been achieved by IVE since debut. 'ELEVEN' now owned the record as the debut song of K-Pop girl group with the most  music show trophies, and becomes the first Quadruple Crown girl group on Music Core since 2018.  

Meanwhile, several K-Pop idols who perform on Music Core today are GOT7's BamBam, MAMAMOO's Moonybyul and Wheein, Yuju, ASTRO's JinJin and Rocky, VICTON, Choi Ye Na, DRIPPIN, UP10TION, WJSN CHOCOME, MOMOLAND, WEi's Kim Yo Han, P1Harmony, Kep1er, H1-KEY and Gong Sowon.
Congratulations to IVE! (www.onkpop.com)

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