WEi's Junseo Reportedly Positive for COVID-19!
The member of WEi is again reported to be positive for COVID-19 after taking a test. Previously, on November 14th, 2021, WEi's Yohan was confirmed positive for COVID-19 which made all WEi members and staff do the  PCR tests.

On November 15th, 2021, OUI Entertainment as the agency of WEi reported that Junseo was also confirmed positive for COVID-19.


This is OUI Entertainment.

Our artist Kim Jun Seo WEi tested positive for COVID-19 today (November 15th).

After Kim Yo Han's diagnosis on November 14th, all WEi members and related staff members immediately underwent PCR tests because they were classified as close contact. All of the WEi members went into self-quarantine with masks as soon as they heard Kim Yo Han's COVID-19 diagnosis.

This morning (November 15th), Jang Dae Hyeon, Kim Dong Han, Yoo Yong Ha, and Kang Seok Hwa received negative results. Kim Jun Seo developed symptoms after his test on November 14th, and he tested positive, receiving a symptomatic diagnosis. Symptoms are mild.

Kim Yo Han and Kim Jun Seo, who tested positive, have taken the necessary actions in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities.

Although all the members were self-quarantined individually after being tested, they were tested together, so Jang Dae Hyeon, Kim Dong Han, Yoo Yong Ha, and Kang Seok Hwa are considered to be in close contact and are currently undergoing self-quarantine and the necessary measures according to the instructions from the authorities. disease control.

Since Kim Dong Han and Yoo Yong Ha had not received the second dose of vaccine or 14 days had not passed since the second dose, they were instructed to self-quarantine for 10 days. Jang Dae Hyeon and Kang Seok Hwa will be tested again today, and if the results are negative, they will switch to manual monitoring.

As a result, all activities scheduled for WEi have been suspended since November 14th. Including offline fansign events, all activities scheduled for WEi for the next 10 days (from November15th to 24th), which have been designated as self-quarantine periods, have been canceled or postponed.

However, regarding Kang Seok Hwa, he will not be starring in the musical “Klimt” on November 20th even if he receives another negative result regarding the health of other actors and viewers, but the plan is for him. to participate in the show on November 20th.

We once again apologize for causing concern to fans and many others, and we ask for your generous understanding. We will inform you again in the future regarding member health and related matters.

We will prioritize the health and safety of our artists and will do our best for Kim Yo Han and Kim Jun Seo's speedy recovery. In addition, we will actively cooperate with the instructions and procedures provided by the disease control authorities.

Thank you."

Hopefully Yohan and Junseo can recover soon and greet the fans again! (www.onkpop.com)

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