Watch The Teaser of EXO's Kai and Lee Seung Gi in The Upcoming Episode of 'Knowing Brother'
EXO's Kai and Lee Seung Gi will be the next guest stars to appear on 'Knowing Brother'. At the end of Saturday's episode (11/27), 'Knowing Brother' spoils their latest episode next week.

Through this episode's trailer, we will see Kai, Lee Seung Gi and the 'Knowing Brother' members wake up in different universes. In this universe, Lee Seung Gi is a weather reporter and Kang Ho Dong is a child born in 2009. Meanwhile, Kai introduces himself as a child from Gyeongsang Province, even though he is from Jeolla Province.

The episode of 'Knowing Brother' starring Kai and Lee Seung Gi will be aired on Saturday, December 4th, 2021. Before that, you can watch the trailer for the episode in the video below! (

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