Being a Victim of Fraud, SNSD's Taeyeon Releases An Official Statement
SNSD's Taeyeon finally give a statement after being a victim of fraud. Taeyeon was previously reported to be one of a total of 3000 people involved in real estate fraud cases.

Taeyeon reportedly bought a land certificate for 1.1 billion Won in a forest. However, it was only recently discovered that the forest was under the Forest Conservation Act, so it was not possible to construct buildings there.

Through a post on Instagram Story on Thursday (10/28), Taeyeon wrote:

“I lived away from my family since I was young, so my desire for the rest of my life is to find a home for my family that is closer to the area where I work and live, and my dream is to create a place just for my family. With the approval of my family, my parents saw the place with their own eyes and made a decision with the same dream as me.

I'm writing this because it seems that my dream is portrayed in a different way than I intended it to be. Please refrain from misunderstanding, guesswork and speculation. I was unilaterally informed of my loss, so I'm still waiting on the situation for now. I feel annoyed that I have to talk about something like this, but I just want to ask people not to misunderstand and refrain from drawing further conclusions.”

Taeyeon also added, "I'm not that crazy to make a speculative purchase," she wrote. (

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