Miyawaki Sakura was Picked Up by BTS bodyguards, This is HYBE Response
The fans were excited after Miyawaki Sakura was caught picked up by the bodyguard from BTS. As previously reported, Miyawaki Sakura came from Japan to South Korea on Friday (08/27) at 17.30 KST.

The arrival of Miyawaki Sakura is in the spotlight of many people, because she is rumored to be debuting as a member of the new girl group HYBE and Source Music.

South Korean media later reported that the former IZ*ONE member was immediately picked up and guarded by bodyguards who usually guard BTS members. When asked for information about this, HYBE only commented, "We can't confirm anything about Miyawaki Sakura's arrival to Korea or about BTS bodyguard."

Although not confirmed by HYBE, previously Miyawaki Sakura in Japan said, "Miyawaki Sakura has signed a contract with HYBE and will fly from Japan to South Korea in August."

Besides Miyawaki Sakura, Source Music's new girl group is also rumored to include two other former IZ*ONE members, Kim Chaewon and Kim Minju, as well as former 'Produce 48' contestant and PLEDIS Entertainment trainee, Heo Yunjin. (www.onkpop.com)

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