BTS, Lim Young Woong and Somi Become The Most Popular Singers in August 2021
The Korea Research Institute of Corporate Reputation today, August 28th, 2021, released the list of the most popular singers for the month of August 2021 through data collected from July 28th, 2021 to August 28th, 2021.

In the first position, BTS still maintains its throne by collecting 11,754,553 data which is a decrease of about 15.55% from the previous month.

Meanwhile, in second place, trot singer Lim Young Woong has also not released his ranking since a few months ago with a total data of 11,211,913 which is also a decrease from July 2021 of around 16.93%.

In third place, Jeon Somi skyrocketed to third place after her comeback with 'DUMB DUMB'. The data obtained by Jeon Somi increased by 1995.78% from July 2021, which was 6,221,361. You can also see the full list of the most popular singers for the month of August 2021 below! (

1. BTS
2. Lim Young Woong
3. Jeon So Mi
4. Lee Chan Won
5. Young Tak
6. Red Velvet
7. IU
9. Brave Girls
10. Joy
11. Jung Dong Won
12. Jang Min Ho
13. aespa
14. Lee Mu Jin
15. Kang Daniel
17. Lee Seung Yoon
18. EXO
19. Taeyeon
21. Jessie
22. Rose
24. NCT
25. Sunmi
26. Kim Hwi Jae
27. Wonstein
29. SGWannabe
30. Jan Na Bi

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