Lee Hi Releases MV Teaser 'ONLY' Starring Lee Je Hoon and Won Jin Ah
Lee Hi will comeback soon with the release of her latest music video entitled 'ONLY'. On Thursday (08/26) at 18.00 KST, Lee Hi uploaded the second teaser for the music video entitled 'ONLY'.

'ONLY' music video is so special, because it stars two popular actors and actresses, namely Lee Je Hoon and Won Jin Ah. Through this music video teaser, we will see performances from Lee Je Hoon and Won Jin Ah when they were young, to their older versions played by veteran actors and actresses, Nam Myung Ryul and Moon Sook.

At the end of the music video teaser, we can also hear Lee Hi's soft vocals and touching lyrics.

'ONLY' is the main track of Lee Hi's third album, titled '4 ONLY' which will be officially released on September 14th. This will be Lee Hi's next release since joining the AOMG agency. (www.onkpop.com)

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