aespa's Winter Treatment of Cats Becomes Controversy and Receives Netizen Criticism
Winter, one of the aespa members, has received criticism from netizens for her treatment of a cat through a video that has gone viral on social media. Through the video, Winter is considered to have touched the cat roughly and made the animal stressed by shouting the word 'Meow!'.

In response to this, South Korean netizens threw their various criticisms at Winter for her attitude towards cats.

“Watching the video made me angry…. I have a cat and I never scream like that”,

“The way she thinks it's funny to yell at the cat and make it run away is crazy… She really is on the level of an elementary school student”,

“It is said that you can tell a person's personality by looking at their attitude towards weak animals”,

"I hope she is more careful in the future, but some of the comments are too harsh..",

“It's just… I think she's still young, I hope someone can teach her how to treat animals”,

“But just by looking at her, she looks really careless”,

What do you think after watching the video of Winter's treatment of a cat below? (
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