Brave Girls Confirmed to Release Repackage Album in August
Brave Girls has been confirmed to be releasing a repackaged album this month. On Wednesday (08/04), Brave Entertainment announced that Brave Girls will release a repackaged album in mid-August.

A representative from the agency said, "It is a repackaged version of the album 'Summer Queen', which will contain the song 'Chi Mat Ba Ram'."

However, the agency refused to provide detailed information regarding the release schedule, "We can't tell the exact release schedule yet."

According to a report from YTN Stra, Brave Girls will not be promoting on music shows for this repackaged album. In June, it was known that Brave Girls released their 5th mini album 'Summer Queen' which contains the main song 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' and 'Pool Party'.

The mini album was released by Brave Girls after getting great success with the song 'Rollin'. (

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