Thanks to BTS Meal, McDonalds Sales Increase Drastically in The Second Quarter of 2021
Sales at McDonalds fast food restaurants have increased dramatically thanks to the BTS Meal menu. As fans know, BTS Meal is a menu that is the result of a collaboration between McDonalds and the boy group BTS.

On July 28th local time, McDonalds released their financial data for the second quarter of 2021. Compared to sales data for the same quarter in 2020, McDonalds experienced a 57% increase in revenue, close to 5.9 billion US dollars.

McDonalds also claims that their restaurant sales in various countries on average have increased by 40.5% compared to last year. Meanwhile in the United States, sales managed to increase by 25.9%, compared to last year's increase of only 14.9%.

Although many factors contributed to the increase in sales, analysts agree that the BTS Meal menu made the biggest contribution to the increase in McDonalds sales this year. McDonalds said, “BTS Meal is driving more restaurant visits and increasing sales of Chicken McNuggets, which is one of our main menu items.”

Previously, McDonalds Korea even said that after BTS Meal was released for four weeks, Chicken McNuggets sales increased by 250% compared to the previous four weeks. Have you tried the BTS Meal menu at McDonalds? (

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