KBS Will Investigate Taeyeon's 'Weekend' MV Leak on 'Mr. House Husband 2'
KBS claimed to be investigating the leak of SNSD's Taeyeon music video on the 'Mr. HouseHusband 2'. Previously the program 'Mr. House Husband 2' had time to show footage of the music video 'Weekend' at the end of the event.

The leak of the 'Weekend' music video which lasts approximately 25 seconds is certainly surprising to many fans, considering that Taeyeon has not even released the music video teaser at all. This is what makes many people wonder whether the music video footage was illegally leaked by the program 'Mr. HouseHusband 2'.

In response to this, a representative from KBS said that they would investigate it. As they told South Korean media, “We are currently gathering information to find out what really happened.” 

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is planning to release the single 'Weekend' on July 6th, 2021. (www.onkpop.com)

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