OMEGA X Takes COVID-19 Test and Temporarily Stops Activities
OMEGA X has undergone a COVID-19 test and will be temporarily suspending their activities. On Sunday (07/04), Spire Entertainment announced that OMEGA X members would again undergo a COVID-19 test.

As stated by the agency:
“Hello, this is Spire Entertainment.

First, we would like to state that the debut showcase for OMEGA X's first mini album, 'VAMOS', was held in accordance with the health protocols provided by the disease control authorities.

The debut showcase was held on June 30th, and on the evening of July 2nd, the disease control authorities contacted us as part of their epidemiological survey. Although the authorities didn't ask us to do a test, we decided to first test our artists and staff to ensure their safety, and we all got negative test results.

On July 4th, we were contacted again to inform us that 19 people present at the showcase tested positive for COVID-19. We have decided to postpone the fan sign video event that will be held today at 7 p.m. KST. All artists and staff will return to testing for COVID-19 as a precautionary measure.

We apologize for causing fans concern. We will continue to follow the disease prevention guidelines of public health authorities and do our best for the safety and health of our artists.”

Hopefully, no OMEGA X members and staff will be infected with COVID-19! (

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