Brave Girls Takes Home The Next Trophy with 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' on 'Music Core'
On today (07/03) the music show from MBC, 'Music Core' presents various stunning performances from idols who have made a recent comeback. Brave Girls were also present to perform their latest song, titled 'Chi Mat Ba Ram', which is the main song from the album 'Summer Queen' and was released on June 17th.

Being one of the winning candidates in the 'Music Core', Brave Girls managed to bring home the winning trophy for the second time for the song 'Chi Mat Ba Ram'.

The score that was achieved by Brave Girls was 7268, while the second position was filled by AESPA with 'NEXT LEVEL' and TWICE in third with the song 'Alcohol-Free'.

Congratulations to the Brave Girls on their win for the song 'Chi Mat Ba Ram'. (

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