YG Entertainment Confirms Apink's Naeun to Play Drama with Rain and Kim Bum
Apink's Naeun has been confirmed to star in the same drama as Rain and Kim Bum. On Friday (07/02), YG Entertainment announced that Naeun would star in the latest drama entitled 'Ghost Doctor'.

Directed by Boo Sung Chul who once directed the drama 'The Heirs', 'Ghost Doctor' is a medical and fantasy drama that tells the story of two doctors who have differences in all aspects, but in the end have to unite their bodies and souls.

Previously, Kim Bum was confirmed to play Go Seung Tak, a very intelligent person who comes from a special background. Born to a rich family with a smart mind, Go Seung Tak grew up with all his strengths. He then becomes entangled with the genius surgeon Cha Young Min (played by Rain) due to an unexpected incident.

Naeun is rumored to be playing the character of an intern in the emergency room named Oh Soo Jung. She is a woman who believes in supernatural phenomena and miracles, even though she learns about the medical world.

Due to a hidden secret, Oh Soo Jung dreams of becoming a thoracic surgeon, even though it is against her family's wishes. Are you looking forward to acting from Naeun, Kim Bum and Rain in the drama 'Ghost Doctor'? (www.onkpop.com)

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