Yerin Shares Her Latest Photos After Joining Sublime Artist Agency
Yerin, who is the first GFRIEND member to find her new agency, uploaded a sweet photo via personal Instagram on June 18th, 2021.

The photo was uploaded by this 1996-born girl after she was announced to be part of the Sublime Artist Agency, the agency that also houses EXID's Hani and soloist Rain.

”Hello, this is Yerin. 

I have decided to work with Sublime Artist Agency from now on. I will do my best to show a good side of me through various promotions in the future. To my dearest fans, thank you so much for always cheering me up and loving me. I promise to be Yerin who always pays you for that love! I love you.”‎

Yerin also included two photos showing herself with a white top, short hair and a sweet smile from the idol whose real name is Jung Yerin.

Previously, Yerin and other GFRIEND members chose not to continue their contract with the Source Music agency in early May 2021. You can see the beauty of Jung Yerin through her latest post below. (

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