NCT Dream and Hitchhiker Release Trippy MV for Remix song 'Hot Sauce'
NCT Dream together with one of SM Entertainment's well-known composers, Hitchhiker has released a music video for the remix of the song 'Hot Sauce'. Today, June 10th, 2021, NCT Dream collaborated with Hitchhiker in releasing the remix song 'Hot Sauce' as part of SM Entertainment's latest project, iScreaM.

Through the MV, you can listen to Hitchhiker's signature remixes and of course Hitchhiker's trippy trademark music video style, complete with astronaut characters in shiny costumes.

Meanwhile, iScreaM itself is a project from SM Entertainment that will collaborate with local and domestic DJs and producers to release remixes of the main songs of idols from SM Entertainment.

Immediately, lets watched the MV from NCT Dream and Hitchhiker for the remix song 'Hot Sauce'. (

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