Besides ARMY, BTS Almost Choose This Name For Fandom's Name
BTS revealed the fandom name that the members almost chose before finally choosing ARMY. It became one of the topics of discussion in the video 'ARMY Corner Store' which was released on Sunday (06/13).

As fans know, on June 13th, BTS just celebrated their 8th debut anniversary, in a series of events titled 'BTS FESTA 2021'. Through the 1 hour 'ARMY Corner Center' video, BTS members discussed their fandom name candidates other than ARMY.

Jimin then said that one of the names that became the final candidate was 'Cherry'. RM then reminded everyone that the final candidates for their fandom names were 'Bell' and 'ARMY'.

They then thought what would happen if the fandom name chosen was 'Bell' and how awkward it would be when they said, “Hello Bell!”

Jin then added that the name ARMY is perfect because it is more universal. Suga also explained that 'ami' in French means 'Friend'. V also admitted that he really liked the name 'ARMY', because in the middle there was the letter 'RM' which was their leader's stage name.

You can watch the full video below! (

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