'The BTS Meal' Released Today, ARMY's Share Testimonials on Twitter
The collaboration product between BTS and a well-known fast food company, McDonald's, has finally been released today (05/26).

With the name 'The BTS Meal', this collaboration product has a different packaging, which is dominated by purple and emblazoned with the McD and BTS logos. Not to forget to try, fans of BTS, ARMY also uploaded their testimonials who had bought 'The BTS Meal'.

Through a story by a fan with the username dulsetpins who is domiciled in Malaysia, 'The BTS Meal' has a price of around 15 MYR (approximately 3.50 USD). You can check out the look of 'The BTS Meal' from ARMY's various testimonials below. (www.onkpop.com)

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