IKON's Bobby is Gives Support for B.I's New Songs 'Got It Like That'
B.I. who recently returned to active in the music industry by releasing new songs, recently returned with a collaboration song with two international musicians. The owner of the full name Kim Han Bin, who is a former member of iKON, is known to have released his comeback song 'Got It Like That' in collaboration with Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh.

The song, which he also produced with The Stereotypes, received a warm welcome from fans who were looking forward to his comeback.

His former group mate, Bobby, who was also excited and gave his support for Han Bin's comeback this time. Through his Instagram account, Bobby wrote a comment, “lets goooooooooooooooooo” on a promotional post uploaded by B.I. on his official Instagram account.

The comment immediately received a positive reaction from fans, who missed the interaction between iKON and B.I. Have you listened to B.I's song. 'Got It Like That'? (www.onkpop.com)

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