BTS Was Removed From 'Friends: The Reunion' on Various Chinese Streaming Platforms
ARMY (as BTS fans) in China claim to be unable to watch their idol's performance on the program 'Friends: The Reunion'. On May 28th, it was stated that BTS as well as several other celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and several scenes showing LGBTQ+ in the broadcast of the program 'Friends: The Reunion' were removed from all Chinese streaming platforms.

This surprised fans who were looking forward to the appearance of BTS who were said to make their 6-minute special appearance on the original HBO Max broadcast.

After this shocking issue, much speculation circulated that BTS was removed from the program broadcast on the Chinese streaming platform because of a speech when receiving the 'Van Fleet' award, in which RM thanked Korean soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War but not Chinese soldiers.

In addition, Lady Gaga was also removed from the event due to her meeting in 2016 with the Dalai Lama, who supported Tibetan independence.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber's interview allegedly cut off due to his 2014 visit to Japan's Yasukuni Shrine, which is known as the Japanese soldier who died in World War II. (

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