This Concert Production Director Shows the Reasons BTS Can Be Successful!
One of the concert production directors who has worked with BTS many times has shared his views on the boy group that has now gone global. PD Kim Sang Wook, who is the director of BTS' concert production, told Korean media outlet Kookmin Ilbo about his first look at BTS and the change in the potential of the 'Dynamite' singer that other K-Pop idols might not have.

At first, PD Kim Sang Wook admitted that he never knew what the fate of BTS would be in the future, but he thought that BTS had something special that other groups didn't have.

He shared that even though it was a formal concert, it was difficult for a rehearsal to last more than 4 hours, but BTS did a rehearsal for the debut showcase for more than 7 hours, doing rehearsals as if it was a concert.

“BTS have been training hard and have never made the same mistakes since they were newcomers. Some teams scored 70 points for the first appearance and 80 points, 90 points, 98 points, 100 points and so on."

In addition, PD Kim Sang Wook as the person who works alongside BTS at every major concert they also conveyed what was the key to BTS's success by saying, “They try to communicate in such a way that fans feel that almost all K-pop idols really love their fans. Apart from practicing so that they can continue to learn dance and song well, they try to keep communicating through social media." (

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