KBS Releases Official Statement Regarding Single Mom's Presence on 'The Return of Superman'
On April 15th, 2021, the head of the creative team 'The Return of Superman' finally spoke up about the problem of netizens' rejection of Sayuri's presence on the program. Previously it was known that Sayuri, a single mother who had a child from the IVF process would be part of the family program, but received harsh criticism from South Korean netizens.

Want to rectify this problem, finally through the official KBS website an official statement has been released containing the answer to the representative of 'The Return of Superman', the head of the creative team Kang Bong Kyu.

“Currently, the percentage of single parent families in South Korea has reached 7.3%, seeing a rapid increase in recent years. With the increasing interest in single parent family structures, many legal benefits previously only available to married couples' families are now in the process of being offered to single parent families. Sayuri's family is also just one type of family that exists in society today, and like all efforts to create a happy family, her actions have received a lot of praise and encouragement from others. With this in mind, our aim is to show viewers that family structures are becoming diverse in modern society, such as the Sayuri family. Our goal is not to say that we prefer one over the other. One of the roles of public broadcasting is to show different perspectives."

"Moreover, 'The Return of Superman' does not attempt to portray a particular family in romanticized form; this program intends to tell the stories of families growing up together. Thus, this program will present Sayuri's daily life as a new mother as it is. We would really appreciate it if the audience could reassess its decision."

How do you think about this? (www.onkpop.com)

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