Kang Daniel Takes Home 1st Trophy for 'Antidote', Congratulations!
Kang Daniel managed to get the winning trophy on a music program thanks to his song 'Antidote'. This winning trophy was obtained by Kang Daniel in the latest episode of 'The Show' which was broadcast on Tuesday (04/20).

On today's episode of 'The Show', Kang Daniel's 'Antidote' was nominated for the winner along with ASTRO's 'ONE' and 'ASAP' by STAYC. In the end, Kang Daniel took the lead with a score of 8633 points, beating ASTRO and STAYC who got 3640 and 2286 points, respectively.

This is the first trophy won by Kang Daniel since making a comeback with the song 'Antidote'. Congratulations to Kang Daniel! (www.onkpop.com)

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